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What's the difference between a molded bottle and a tube bottle

Date:2017-04-12 views:353

1.The production method is different. The tube bottle is first drawn into glass tube, and then the glass tube is used to make the bottle in the vertical rotary table machine. The molding bottle is made of borax and quartz sand in the kiln line and column machine. The tube bottle does not use the mold, only two sets of mold wheels are used, and the molding bottle needs a complete set of mold tools.

2.The appearance of the bottle is different. The appearance of the tube bottle is brighter, the transparency is better, and the molding bottle is rough.

3.In terms of material, the bottle is generally low borosilicate in China, but high borosilicate and medium borosilicate can also be made, while the molded bottle is sodium calcium glass, which is inferior to the control bottle in drug resistance and acidity. It is better to freeze-dry the tube bottle, but not the mold bottle.